Cyrus just lost his father to cancer, Lydia's business is struggling the face of new technology and Glenn was recently forced to leave his job...

All of this would be terribly ordinary if Cyrus didn't take routine trips to the Moon, Lydia wasn't scheming to reanimate the ashes of human beings or Glenn didn't have the gift to create realities for his unscrupulous clients.

For Cyrus, his father's death catalyzes a number of latent mental disorders promised to him by heredity. He begins to believe his own increasingly bizarre delusions that he can restore life to his father's cremated remains. As he bounces from psychiatrist to psychiatrist, he records these curious plans in a cryptic notebook enigmatically titled Arid Umbra that detail his lunar travels and an apocalyptic prophecy that depicts the entire Earth in a torrent of blood.

Lydia, the director of Sanguine, a cord blood bank whose business is faltering in the face of synthetic stem cell and blood production, has ostensibly altruistic motivations in her emerging interest in the possibilities of reanimating dead tissue, cremated remains or otherwise. During this transitional period, casual conversations with a friend stimulate for Lydia dormant memories of Cyrus and his father.

Glenn is a freelance data analyst who stitches real and imagined data and information into the patchwork of reality to materialize the desires of his clientele. He finds himself researching Cyrus' unique pathology when he ends up working for Lydia through her intentionally oblique wiles.

Blending sci-fi, magical realism and detective elements, the novel follows each character through their unique perspective as they explore death, rebirth and the curious nature of reality to culminate in a shared experience as Cyrus' fantasies, Lydia's desires and Glenn's fabrications elicit unexpected results with nightmarish consequences.